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Numerology: The Key to Finding Your Magical, Mystical Self (2 hours)
This workshop will introduce participants to the energy of the numbers 1-9 and teach them how to use calculations in numerology. In the end, they will learn how to find their 5 core numbers, or Cosmic Code.
Numerology: We've Got Your Number! (2 hours)
This fun and light-hearted workshop for the work place will assist participants in discovering compatability among their co-workers and how to build positive relationships.   
Journaling with Numerology: Ancient Wisdom (10 -15 hours) 
This is a series of writing workshops for women utilizing numerology as a tool for self-discovery and a reconnection of the wisdom within their soul.
Ancestral Pentimentos: What Your Name Reveals
This workshop will introduce participants to the "soul" of words and how our names carry the acculumated knowledge and experiences of our evolutionary inheritance.
A seminar can be tailored to your personal needs