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Corina Gabaldón is a numerologist, artist, musician, and songwriter from New Mexico who has combined her life's work and talents to create Soul Insights.

For the past 32 years, she has been involved in music, art, and culture as well as explored numerology and other metaphysical teachings, photography and ancient spiritual traditions.

Corina infuses her life's experiences, lessons and talents to create visual, artistic and musical expressions that symbolize her journey, her ancestral past and her soul's development. She has presented workshops and performed her original music as a solo, duet and full band throughout New Mexico. She has also written and performed her music for radio, television, traveling performance storytelling/song troupes, photo and art exhibit openings, music, art and literary festivals as well as at special receptions for authors, speakers, social and political activists or other artist and performers. She has two CDs: Visions Through the Rainclouds, a solo compilation of original songs, and La Concha de la Tortuga: A Creation Myth, a music and spoken-word CD, a collaborative effort with other local artists/musicians from the El Paso/Las Cruces area.

In addition, Corinahas studied numerology for more than 25 years and offers personalized, unique numerology charts, readings, and workshops. She apprenticed with world-renowned author and numerologist Ruth Drayer, who was a student of Dr. Juno Jordan, founder of the California Institute of Numerical Research. Ruth Drayer is the author of Numerology: The Power in Numbers, A Right & Left Brain Approach and Nicholas & Helena Roerich, the Spiritual Journey of Two Great Artists and Peacemakers.

Corina believes that knowing who we are is the key to success and happiness. Understanding our own true self, our talents and hidden goals, can assist us in living the lives we were meant to live.

Through Soul Insights, Corina wishes to spread the wave for a better world - building peace, respecting the diversity of our planet, and honoring each individual's own journey and soul development as we head toward the shift in global consciousness.

Corina retired from the Las Cruces Public Schools, where she was instrumental in the integration of the arts into the early childhood and parenting educational programs and the lives of educators, babies, and families.

She was the 2009 recipient of the Doña Ana Arts Council's Arts in Education Award.

Artist Statement

I am certain that most artists regard their work as I do - as an extension of themselves - an artistic expression of our shifting moods, inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs. My work encompasses this and more. It is a statement of my cultural background as it existed in early times and as it relates to my current being and view of life. When painting, I work primarily with oils and acrylics. The contrast of colors, schemes, and themes I choose to use reflects the influence of my cultural background as well as my present environment and emotional state.

I take what I have learned in my life thus far as an educator, a metaphysical explorer, a musician, and a woman, and combine it with my artisitic abilities. I have utilized my painting as a means of reaching out to others in an attempt to give them a visual representation of my journey, my heritage, my experiences, and the people, places and things that have touched my life. I wish to share with my viewers the spirituality, beauty and splendor of the ancient cultures that once dominated what is now the Southwest United States and Mexico that provide my foundation and roots, the people who influenced my growth and beliefs, the landscape that feeds my soul, and the creative spirit that lies within me.

I continue to be inspired to teach others about what I have learned. I realize that an artist is not a "teacher" in the formal "certified" manner, yet all artists, be they musicians, dancers, painters, and anyone else involved in the creative process (mothers included), are teachers in that each individual work of art they have produced, including human beings, is a lesson in beauty, culture, composition and teaching. To share the artistic experience with someone requires an understanding on the part of the artist, not only about artistic techniques, but of methods of interaction with people as well. In this regard, I believe that the art I create must touch the lives of others, which is why I strive to create art that not only shares my journey in this exploration of life, but that is inspiring, uplifting and deeply human.

-Corina Gabaldón

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