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La Concha de la Tortuga - A Creation Myth

A mixture of music, sound and spoken word, La Concha de La Tortuga: A Creation Myth

is a collaborative effort by a group of local writers, musicians and artists - Denise Chávez, Corina Gabaldón, Nancy Green, Kristina Wroblewski, Ricardo Valencia and Daniel Zolinsky.

The CD is dedicated to the all-knowing, compassionate Mother Turtle and

recounts the journey of Mother Turtle from her origins onto the earth.

La Concha de la Tortuga - A Creation Myth


Price: $10.00

Here We Are

Theme song from La Concha de la Tortuga

00:00 / 05:23

You Tube Video for La Concha de la Tortuga:


Denise Chávez is a novelist, short story writer, playwright, actress and teacher, but considers herself a Performance Writer. She is currently finishing a novel, The King and Queen of Comezón, as well as a children’s book, My Mother is A Maid. Chávez is the Director of the Border Book Festival and the Cultural Center de Mesilla, an arts resource center, literary, storytelling, workshop and performance venue and serves as the home of the annual Border Book Festival ( Denise is the author of Face of an Angel, The Last of the Menu Girls, and Loving Pedro Infante.

Corina Gabaldón is a singer/songwriter/visual artist from Las Cruces, New Mexico. She has performed her original music as a solo, duet and full band throughout Southern New Mexico and West Texas. Gabaldón has recorded a solo compilation of original songs, Visions Through the Rainclouds and is one of the founders and members of the group Sitarra. Corina’s original artwork, Ancient Wisdom, graces the CD cover.

Nancy Lorenza Green is an Afro-Chicana performance and recording artist from El Paso, Texas who uses poetry, percussion instruments and flute music as mediums of communication and cultural expression. Nancy has recorded three CDs: Music From the Heart, Life Is Sacred, and a Tumblewords poetry compilation. Nancy is currently a member of Expresión Creativa, an artist collective that delivers art workshops in schools, community centers and libraries with funding from MCAD’s Community Arts Program. You may listen to Nancy here on You Tube:

Kristina Wroblewski is a lyricist/keyboardist from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her musical resume includes a performance for a movie premiere, a documentary sound track, the Border Book Festival, plays, art exhibits, coffee houses, radio programs, benefits and traveling bilingual song and storytelling programs.

Ricardo Valencia, sound editor, engineer and musician, was born in Mexico City and studied Music Theory and Classical Guitar at the Universidad Autónoma de Música. He produced and recorded with the band ‘Raza Antigua’ in Geneva, Switzerland where he studied Flamenco with Sidharus Ghali. Valencia has also toured as accompanying guitarist with artists like Eduardo Capetillo, Zarabanda, Ricky Luis, Leo Dan, and many others. Studio Azul is the digital recording studio managed by Valencia. Located in El Paso, Valencia has won national prizes for productions like ‘Walking the Choctaw Way ’ by the Nation Librarians Association.

Daniel Zolinsky was born in France and moved to the U.S. when he was ten years old. A professional photographer, Zolinsky’s most recent exhibit was in October 2008 in Valencia, Spain called Visiones de México. Zolinsky’s photo of women coming down from Tortugas Peak on December 11, the day of the climb and pilgrimage honoring Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe), is on the backside of the CD.

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