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We offer a variety of readings which are detailed below.

Please be sure to email us your date of birth, your full name at birth, and the name you use today, if you are purchasing a numerology reading.


Numerology Reading (By appointment only - please contact us by email to schedule your consultation. Also, when you purchase this item, it will ask you to enter destination ZIP for estimated shipping & tax - skip this step for this item).

Price: $90.00


Short Personality Profile Chart (15-20 pages) This chart will provide you with a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges and lessons you have selected to encounter in this lifetime. In addition, the chart will indicate special talents you possess, as well as the blueprint of your potential. Recommended chart for newborns and young children!

Price: $25.00


Full Personality Chart (20-30 pages) This chart is a combination of the SoulCameo and the SoulProjection.

Price: $35.00


Soul Forecast Chart (10-15 pages) This chart will outline your life cycles connected to your name and date of birth. It will provide information about what is ahead and influencing your life during a specific period of time.

Price: $20.00


Day-by-Day Soul Forecast Chart (10-15 pages) This chart represents a day-by-day indication of the trends and circumstances you will experience during the year ahead.

Price: $20.00


Relationship Compatibility Chart (30-40 pages) This chart will help you understand a relationship or the energy of each other. While we would not recommend basing a union on matching numbers, we would strongly recommend that you look at your partner's numbers, as it will tell you a lot about what it will be like to live or work with this person. This chart makes a great wedding or anniversary gift!

Price: $55.00


Past Life Chart (8 pages) This chart will reveal your physical and mental constitution, the orientation or goal of life, and your karmic lessons.

Price: $15.00


Name Advisor -An analysis of a name or phrase (1 page/name) This chart analyzes the kind of influence a name or number, or combination of both, has on the human psyche. By doing so, it will help you choose the right name for a child, an adult (name change), a product, a pet, a street address, a business name, a telephone number, a car license plate, and so forth. You may select up to 8 names.

Price: $15.00


Full Personality Profile Chart, Including a Personalized Musical Composition (Coming Soon!) The SoulTones musical composition will assist before meditation to tune into the deep purpose of your birth.

Price: $150.00


Full Personality Profile, Including Art Work Specific to Your Life Path (Coming Soon!) The art work included in the SoulMosaic is related to your life path. The chart will support you as you encounter life's lessons, challenges and opportunities, as well as assist you in fulfilling your potential.

Price: $120.00


Includes music, art and full chart (Coming Soon!)

Price: $250.00

Please contact us through email with any questions you

have regarding the details of a reading.

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